Wyvern, The Heraldic DragonEdit

"Wyvern are smaller than true dragon Espers, allowing them to dart through the air with alarming speed. Yellow and hot as a burning star, Wyvern are usually benevolent, striking down evil with a flurry of well-aimed breaths of fire."

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Discovered: Fri Feb 18 2011 by jencastro16

Size: 3.5m

Energy: 40eV

Hint: Moderately powerful Wyvern guard the kings of old. Seek them out in warmer weather. Wyvern are usually found in warm weather. You have to be at least about A Sentenial to see a Wyvern, and once champion you can see them in any rank in warm weather.

Wyvern cannot be bought at the store, for any currency.

A normal Wyvern. They are not all Doom level!

They can be found anywhere warm, preferably when day-light still shines. At night, I doubt they will come out. Rubies and Topaz's are the only elemental gems that Wyvern will accept.

Rarity: ** (Less Common)

Rank: Sentenial

Needs: Warm weather, and daylight. (Sorry if you live in very cold weather!)


Alpha Wyvern- Aldebaran -~-The red Dragon-~-Edit

The Alpha Wyvern does not have a team; as it is a solitary dragon. Please change this sentance if you have seen Aldebaran with a team, or companion.

Type of Alpha: Lone/Solitary

Speices: Wyvern

Bring lots of healing items with you, as a fiery Aldebaran will burn you with Napalm.

Best Elements: Water/Ice

Best Geomon(s): Akhlut, Korora, Selkie

Fiery Aldebaran, ready for battle.